Clog Care

How to Care for your Clogs

With the right amount of love and care, clogs should last you many years and sometimes decades, which even furthermore makes them a sustainable choice in footwear.

  • We use 100% genuine leather on all of our clogs.
  • Clogs may contain certain features as a sign of handmade authenticity for e.g., imperfections, slight tone variations and irregular gaps between staples. Embrace these characteristics as a tribute to a high-quality handcrafted product. Each pair is handmade therefore, no two pairs are alike.
  • Some nubuck leather is purposely made to have a rugged look as opposed to a clean appearance devoid of any imperfections - this is their allure.



Gently clean stains or dust with a damp cloth. If necessary, use mild soapy water. Most of our clogs are varnished on the sides, but if water is not enough, you may use some fine sandpaper to remove any stains, scratches or dents to make your clogs look brand new again.

Water will not damage the wood, but the important thing is to dry slowly; avoid direct sunlight or hot surfaces. If a piece chips off the sole, it can be glued back on. Wood that has faded can be freshened up using oil, furniture stain or wood dye.


Clean with water or soap on a damp cloth. When you dry the shoes after cleaning, never leave them on a hot spot, as it will make the leather shrink and pull the clog and footbed out of shape. Keep the shoes dry, store in a climate-controlled environment, and wear regularly - if moisture is allowed to accumulate in the PU outsole, this could lead to hydrolysis and a disintegration of the outsole.



The leather is naturally water resistant but not waterproof. A suede cleaner and/or soft brush are the best on this type of leather. You can also spot clean with a damp cloth.We recommend brushing your clogs periodically to help re-nourish the appearance of the leather. Minor scuffs and marks can be removed by using a genuine horsehair shoe polish brush. For large marks and light stains, we recommend using a soft rubber unbuckle brush.

Nubuck and suede spray provides a layer of protection against wet and stains. For the best results, we recommend applying the spray when the clogs are new.


Simply wipe down with soap and water or with a clean damp or soft dry cloth.


Simply use a slightly damp cloth to clean the leather.


These are only recommendations as to how to care for your clogs. Love of Clogs is not and cannot be held responsible for methods or application techniques that do not fall within these guidelines. Love of Clogs is not responsible if a customer damages the appearance of their clogs as we cannot control application methods of these care products and tips.

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