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Ethically handmade in Europe. Shipped across Australia and New Zealand from our Adelaide warehouse. Family-owned business. Sustainable fashion that cares.

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  • Clogs-Greta-Brown-Apache

    Clog Classics Brown Apache Leather | Swedish Clogs

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    Clog Mules | Aged Terracotta Leather Heel Clogs | French Design Clogs

  • Clogs-Brown-Heel-Clog

    Clog Mules | Brown Leather Heel Clogs | French Design Clogs

  • Clog-Sandals-Ulla-Folk-Black-Patent

    Clog Sandals Ulla Folk in Black Patent Leather


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We love them! So we’ve decided to bring clogs to Australia and thus Love of Clogs was born. Clogs are the retro staple that just keeps on giving, and their popularity is showing no signs of slowing down. What’s the clog appeal?

Clog Comfort

Clogs have anatomically constructed footbed with arch support making them comfortable. The wooden soles are light, thus making them easy to wear all day. Clogs were the traditional go-to footwear of choice for medical professionals such as doctors and nurses. To this day, nurses use theatre clogs in operating rooms and clogs have also become popular with teachers and chefs. In short, anyone who spends their days on their feet, loves clogs. Hence the popularity of nursing clogs, theatre clogs, garden clogs, chef clogs and perhaps teacher clogs will one day become a thing too.

Clog Fashion

Long considered the footwear of choice for busy mums and digital creatives — clogs have made a solid comeback a few years ago. In the last two years, though, it became impossible to ignore that clogs were on the feet of, well, everyone you know and all over Instagram (#cloglife #loveofclogs)

Clog Versatility

Traditionally, the clog heel is low, so it could easily be a shoe to wear everyday. Clogs can be worn with jeans and a white shirt or a brightly-coloured summer dress. There is real craft put into creating this classic footwear. They are handmade using natural and sustainable products, and they can last for decades. Just ask your grandmother if she still has a pair in her wardrobe.


If Hermès feels a out of your price range, fear not as there are many other clog designers . Alas, Love of Clogs, a brand born out of love for the clogs shoes, has a wide range of wooden clogs for every occasion! Whether it’s fashion with our heel clogs, everyday comfort with the traditional Swedish clogs, garden clogs, and nursing clogs with a soft sole. We always have some clogs on sale and discounted seconds so be sure to check out our Sale and Seconds categories.

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