Clogs Gift Cards

Clogs Gift Cards are the best way to share your Love of Clogs and treat someone you love with a new pair of clogs! Win, win! Whether it’s Swedish-design clogs, clog sandals, nursing or garden clogs; we’ve got ‘em all! The expiry date on the clogs gift cards is 180 days from the date of purchase.  We do strive to re-stock our clogs on a regular basis, however, should you not be able to find the right size or model of clogs within the time period, please Contact Us so we can help out!

For styling ideas on how to wear your clogs, check out our Pinterest clogs board for some inspiration. Clogs are a classic footwear and for a long time considered to be a feminist shoe. Clogs never really went out of style, but they’ve certainly made a fashion front comeback in the last few years. The New Yorker article “The Life-Changing Magic of Clogs” from 2018 announced their comeback to the world and cause the #cloglife hashtag to go wild on Instagram. Soon after the Australian Vogue has hailed clogs as the new Birkenstocks in their “The rise, fall and return of the clog” article. Fast-forward to 2021 and clogs are at the forefront of fashion and style!

Clog Appeal
Their appeal, you may ask? For once, they are comfortable. For many decades of the last century, clogs were the go-to footwear of choice for medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and dentists. To this day, nurses use theatre clogs in operating rooms and clogs have also become popular with teachers. In short, any one who spends a whole day on their feet, likes clogs. Hence the popularity of nursing clogs, theatre clogs, garden clogs, chef clogs and perhaps teacher clogs will one day become a thing too.

Apart from comfort, they are simply easy to wear. Slip on and off, and you’re on the go! Durability, as they do tend to last for years, is another quality for those who value sustainable fashion. To see our entire new range of clogs, visit our Clog Shop and enjoy your Clogs Gift Cards!

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