• Sale! Clogs-Greta-Black-Leather

    Clogs Greta Black Leather | Swedish Clogs (SECONDS EU41-42)

  • Sale! Clogs-Folk-Heel-Brown

    Clog Folk High Heel Sandals Brown Leather (SECONDS EU39-40)

  • Sale! Clogs-Greta-Black-on-Black

    Greta Black Leather Clogs on Black Wood | Swedish Clogs (SECONDS EU42)

  • Sale! Clogs-Greta-Tan-Brown

    Clogs Greta Tan Brown Nubuck | Swedish Clogs (SECONDS EU41-42)

  • Sale! Clogs-Greta-Terracotta

    Clogs Greta Terracotta Nubuck | Swedish Clogs (SECONDS EU37-39-41-42-43)

  • Sale! Clogs-Amelia-Heel-Desert-Rose

    Clog Amelia Sandals Desert Rose Nubuck (SECONDS EU41)

  • Sale! Clogs-Bodil-Brown-Leather

    Clog Heels Bodil Brown Leather | Heel Clogs (SECONDS EU41)

  • Sale! Clogs-Sandals-Heel-Blue

    Clog Heel Sandals Blue Nubuck | Open Toe Heel Clogs (SECONDS EU37)



In case you wonder, why some of our clogs make it the Seconds Clog Sale category, it is because we feel that even the slightly imperfect clogs still deserve our love and attention! Why let a good pair of clogs go to waste when so much attention went into making them?  Keep in mind that all clogs may contain certain features as a sign of handmade authenticity. These may include slight tone variations and irregular gaps between staples. Embrace these characteristics as a tribute to a high-quality handcrafted product. Each pair is handmade therefore, no two pairs are alike.


Some clog shoes may be just a tad more imperfect, which does not make them a good candidate for a fully-priced pair. We take great care to inspect all our stock upon delivery to Love of Clogs Australia, but inevitably, there is always a few pairs that don’t quite meet our quality control standards. The small imperfections may include things like: a fold or a crease in the leather, patches of suede that are not perfectly smooth, slight discoloration or a dent in the heel of the wood. These vary, but the imperfections are not such a noticeable sore to the eye that would warrant us not sharing these lovely clogs with you at a substantial discount.

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