About Us

Love of Clogs was born out of love for the classic, comfortable and original footwear that is encapsulated by clogs. The brand was thought up by two old friends who have spent years sharing sailing holidays together. When one of them fell in love with an Australian, she moved to Adelaide to start a family with him. When her friend came for a visit, she got struck by love too, and upon marrying her Aussie prince charming, she too made the move. The two friends thus began taking notes of all the things that they missed from Europe and founded a company to bring those goods in. Clogs were first on the list, hence Love of Clogs.

We are located in Adelaide, SA, but hope and strive to stock a wide range of our styles in shops and boutiques across Australia.

We hope you join us for the ride and help us bring #clogmania and #cloglife Down Under!

With love,
Karolina and Kasia